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Our Law Office has as its symbol a dragon. Since time immemorial, the dragon has been an important spiritual creature both in eastern and in western cultures. Like in the past, when the dragon used to be generally vested with essentially positive attributes, it nowadays symbolizes endurance, loyalty, good luck, the power of imagination and an ability to rise above common and ordinary things. We have the belief that as it befits our choice of symbol we are capable, by enlisting our knowledge, expertise and committment to serve our customers, of providing long-term and favourable solutions even to the most complex legal situations. All this involves a high standard of professionalism, an effective, which is to mean, fast and accurate case management, and also a correct way of furnishing information, since only each of these factors combined can contribute to an atmosphere of trust which serves as the basis for any co-operation between a client and his or her lawyer.

Dr. Barna Orsolya


specialised in European Union matters and in environment protection, chartered accredited public procurement consultant

We offer wide scope of public procurement services in accordance with clients’ demands, tailored specifically to bidders’ demands, which can be the implementation of a public procurement procedure in its entirety, or the management of a successful bid, or even finding solution for a public procurement problem, or legal remedy, avoidance of invalidity; we flexibly accommodate ourselves to the expectations.

The head of the Law Firm is Dr. Orsolya Barna, lawyer specialised in European Union matters and in environment protection, chartered accredited public procurement consultant, one of the founders of the Hungarian Public Procurement Institute [Magyar Közbeszerzési Intézet (MKI)]. In addition to express public procurement procedures, she is specialised in sustainable green public procurement procedures (GPP/SPP), in in-house procurements, and in procurement of innovative solutions.

Our Law Firm undertakes the implementation of public procurement procedures in their entirety, on high professional level. For economic actors we undertake to comprehensively manage bidding and within this scope we ensure efficient assistance in the compilation of bids in correspondence with the invitation for bids in English and in Hungarian. Members of our staff possess unparalleled experience in the field of the Hungarian public procurement law, are well aware of the legal practice that Hungarian contracting entities follow in the field of procurement; therefore we have the expertise enabling us to assist in successful bidding.

We offer the following:

  • comprehensive compilation of request for participation and bid in English and in Hungarian,
  • public procurement consulting as per clients’ demand,
  • participation in public procurement negotiations, assistance in the elaboration of the negotiation strategy,
  • representation in legal remedy proceeding,
  • representation in voluntary remedial measures.

In addition to the above our mission is the facilitation of the application of sustainable and green public procurement procedures in a keep widening scope. Within this scope we – in cooperation with the Hungarian Public Procurement Institute – strive to ensure keep widening space for those economic actors that offer sustainable solutions to participate in the market, and for the possibly widest scope of application of the green aspects in public procurement procedures. In connection with our regular lectures and professional events, we established good relationship with contracting entities which greatly helps us in all the above.

Our Law Firm entertains wide scope of experiences in the area of procurement of medicines and medical devices, too. We advise our clients on distribution and warehousing issues, including the drafting and negotiating of relevant agreements and obtaining the necessary licenses. Our Firm also has broad experience in price negotiations with NEAK (National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary). We advise our clients in the rapidly developing areas of pharmaceutical advertising and promotions.



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